Top Three Poker Tournament Myths Players Still Believe In

Top Three Poker Tournament Myths Players Still Believe In

Poker is a game where some players lose their money, and many of them do not see it as their fault. There are many probabilities to hear rumors about the poker game when you play. And, you will come across hordes of players who are just unlucky in poker, and think they have it all figured out. Finally, it leads to a bunch of misinformation related to theories and misconceptions on how to play poker.

In this article, we will talk about some of the biggest poker tournament myths, and tell you what NOT to learn from these poker myths when you play online poker tournaments. Here we go!

Poker Tournament Myth 1: Poker Tournaments are a Game of Luck

“Poker Tournaments are a game of luck”, is the most spreading poker tournament myth everywhere. Poker tournaments are a game of skill, requiring more advanced strategy and knowledge to win the prize pool. As mentioned, Winning poker tournaments is all about the ability to spot exposable situations and acquire more chips than your competitors. So what tactics make you successful in poker tournaments? For example, Understanding how to exploit your current position, when to jam preflop with regards to yourself and your opponents’ stack, how to re-steal the blinds from the limpers, etc. Hand reading ability is also an important skill to win poker tournaments.

No one denies that poker involves a factor of luck, but professional players use a different term to describe it – variance. Offently you may win with pocket Kings against AK or your Aces may get cracked, but these things are all part of the poker game and they aren’t the defining factor in one’s success. Mastering the poker tournament strategies, tactics and techniques help you to come out of the label of ” Poker Tournaments are a Game of Luck”.

Poker Tournament Myth 2: Poker Tournament strategy is the same in all the tournaments.

This is one of the misconceptions of poker tournaments. There are various types of poker tournaments, such as Bounty tournaments, Sit and Go tournaments, Satellite tournaments, deep stacks, etc. As the tournament variations, every structure of tournament needs an inappreciably different game style or method of tournament tactics to win the tournament. Moreover, Your strategy in any poker tournament will rely solely on your opponents and the particular conditions of the game.

Poker Tournament Myth 3: Play for the Win

It’s always better to win. Nobody likes losers. In most situations, when a player loses his chips in the mid-stages tournament, he decides that he needs to win at all costs. This mindset never helps the player to win the tournament. However, poker is a strategic game and you’ve got to fold in another from time to time to make more wins after that. Success in poker depends on the decision you make on each hand. So your job to follow the right strategy and aggressive positive moves help you accumulate opponent’s chips. 

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