What is your concept about Poker?

What is your concept about Poker?

What is your concept about Poker? The majority have a “wrong’ view of what poker is about. Few poker players say, Poker is all about bluffing and some think it is all about “luck or chance”. Still, some might think that Poker is a gambling game played by Underworld Dons with a lot of cards and Cheer girls in the gambling bar. Other might preserve that playing poker is anti-government, against the rules of the government.

People follow different concepts on Poker. This article may help to give a clear picture of Poker.

The poker game is older than 1000 years, comes from different continents and cultures. Poker’s closest European predecessor was Poque, which caught on in France in the 17th century. Game formed its rules and regulations from different continents and cultures. Over time, different games have dominated among poker players, including five-card draw, seven-card stud and—most recently—Texas Hold’em, which began its rise to dominance in the 1970s when it became the featured game in the World Series of Poker, the game’s leading annual competition.

Poker is a game of decisions. When you make better decisions you will end up as a winner. Therefore playing winning poker is all about making as many of the correct decisions. You may win sometimes when your opponent makes mistakes.

However, even if you would know the exact cards of your opponent it won’t always be clear what exactly ‘the’ correct decision is. Besides his or her cards, you also have incomplete information about your opponent’s reaction to your decision. Therefore a mistake in poker would be making a different decision than you would have made if you had known the exact cards and the exact reaction of your opponent; a different play than the ‘optimal play’.

Poker is the game where skill wins. The player must know about the game rules, ideology and its tactics. So it can be called a game where skill wins.
To come as close as possible to the optimal play with every decision you make takes a lot of discipline and patience, guts sometimes. It’s an art. And they say it takes a lifetime to master.

Sometimes the optimal play might result in you getting some or all of your money in the pot while being ahead in the hand. However, if there are cards left to be dealt your opponent might still be able to improve to the better hand, or ‘suck out on you’ as it is so eloquently called.

Online poker real money is considered as the King of card games. And poker is legal in different countries. It is the right time to change the stereotype of Poker games. Are you ready to play poker?

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