Understanding Poker Table Positions

Understanding Poker Table Positions

Position at the poker table is one of the key strategic elements of Poker. The quality of your decisions with your poker hand depends upon the level of information you possess. Your table position is very important, so work on it to develop your poker strategy. But most of the players don’t have a good idea of how to use it. This blog will help you to understand what is position at the poker table & how to use these tactics at your online poker game.

“Position in the poker game ” is an order or arrangement where players are seated around the poker table. There are four categories of positions at the table in Texas Hold’em. Since the dealer is the most important element, he holds the position from where the game starts as the button moves clockwise to the left each round. The dealer button is also known as ‘buck’ and the positions are named relative to the position of the dealer button.

The four sections of poker tables are,

  1. Blinds
  2. Early position
  3. Middle position
  4. Late position


The blinds are the two positions at the poker table, where players are forced to make the bets by the system.  The reason for having this rule is to make the players bet at every start of the round, without a forced/blind bet the game won’t be interesting & players may hesitate to bet, moreover, poker tables should be filled with chips in order for the action to begin with, right?

  • Small Blind – The first player left of the dealer button is called the small blind. This is the first forced bet. At Small Blind, the player has to pay 1/2 of a big blind.
  • Big Blind – The player left of the SB is called the big blind. This player must pay double the small blind, which is posted before the start of play.

These are the worst positions at poker because they must act first after the flop has been dealt with.

Early Position or (EP)

The earliest position is the player to the immediate left of the big blind. This position is referred to as the “under the gun” or UTG position. This player is required to act first post-flop. Players at early positions always deal with pressure as this situation is not easy to strategize. 

Middle Position or (MP)

The players to the left of the early position players are called the middle position players. Middle Position is better than Early Position, but it’s not as awesome as Late Position. In the middle position, the player gets to see how those in the EP act, but have a few players who follow.

Late Position or (LP)

The late positions are the best positions at the poker table. There is a high chance that you will be last (or one of the last) to act on each round. The advantage of LP is, the players can act based on the previous players’ actions. 

  • BTN – The last late position is the dealer which is referred to as BTN. BTN is an abbreviation from Dealer Button and it is the strongest position at the poker tables.
  • The cut-off – The cut off is positioned exactly right of the dealer (BTN) which acts as the second-last. It is the second-best position in the hand of poker. This is one of the strongest positions, the players have huge advantages when they are positioned here because they can bluff, act as a strong hand or raise the blinds since they get to play in the end, this position is termed as “cut off” due to this reason.

Try to study the game while you’re at it, make notes of the results. By doing so you’ll be able to analyze the game & be able to sharpen your skills. Each and every position holds a strategic advantage, so learn about ‘em to exploit ‘em!

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